Price Provisions–Quality Measures & Portal Reportcards

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One of my dermatology colleagues asked me to compare the Sessions-Cassidy Plan with Price’s HR 2300 “Empowering Patients First Act”. There is a 11 page section-by-section overview of the Price legislation. My major concerns are on page 10. Section 702 is entitled: Establishment of Performance-Based Quality Measures. Quality measures agreed upon by each physician specialty for Medicare are maintained. The positive side is that the specialties determine the measures. It is disturbing that this false premise that quality measures determine quality is further promulgated.

Section 801 reads: State Transparency Plan Portal. This website is established to provide “standardized information on certified plans available in that state as well as price and quality information on health care providers (including hospitals and other health care institutions.”

Personally I am tired of the intrusive,overly burdensome, too-expensive-to-comply, tyrannical regulation. How do we best go about letting Rep. Price, HHS Secretary to be, understand that these provisions are unacceptable? How do we let our colleagues know about the fine print?

If one was not 1000% in accord with the Sessions-Cassidy plan, consider these provisions in the Price bill.

Holly Fritch, M.D.

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