Points of Consideration December 12, 2016 – World’s Greatest Healthplan

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Points of Consideration December 12, 2016 Contact: Emily Erb 202.225.2231 or Emily.Erb@mail.house.gov

  • –  Amends the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by repealing the most onerous aspects o Repeals the individual mandate.o Repeals the employer mandate.
  • –  Uses federal spending authorized by the ACA
  • –  Uses pre-tax contributions to pay for premiums*
    o Employer-sponsored insurance pre-tax contributions remain the same. o
  • –  Health Saving Accounts oo HSAs allow patients to play a more active and responsible role in managing their healthcare.
  • –  Bureaucratic overreach This includes, but is not limited to IPAB, CMMI, and PPHF.
  • –  Quality is determined by patient choiceo Free market principles will once again drive healthcare. o

Allows for early January 2017 passage and implementation during the 2018 healthcare insurance

enrollment period.*

Individuals purchasing insurance in the individual market outside ACA exchanges will have the same pre-tax contributions for their premiums as those who purchase insurance through their


All individuals can save for their healthcare future without risk of losing their investments at the

end of each year.

As is in current statute and has been executed over the past six years, Congress can defund and

rein in any attempts by federal agencies to overreach the intents of certain ACA programs.

National restrictions that prohibit the delivery of high quality health care, such as those on POHs,

clinics etc., are lifted, as are state and local restrictions on walk-in clinics, free standing surgical

centers, and other market-based services.

Risk adjustment between health plans will ensure each plan receives an actuarially fair premium when receiving an enrollee from another plan. Plans are free to voluntarily agree to better risk

adjustments, so there will eventually be free-market risk adjustment.

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen. I am here to offer my services. I would be happy to be on a commitee, or other group to help ease this-thank God it’s going to happen-transition. Wrote a letter to Trump, didn’t send.

    I like what you have so far.

    To add though:

    1. get rid of the “minimum acceptable insurance” and associated penalty.

    2. get rid of all barriers to physician ownership of their practices, offices, hospitals, etc.

    3. remove the onerous laws that restrict medical trade.

    4. Please let’s remove the idiot laws that prevent drug companies from feeding us, giving us perks, etc. It is insulting to believe that we are that influenced by their “play pretties’ that they gave us. Maybe residents, but not clinicians.

    5. Allow balanced billing on All patients. Moronic laws. More

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