Congressman Pete Sessions and Senator Bill Cassidy Co-sponsor the World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan

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Here is the link to the text of the bill Congressman Pete Sessions and Senator Bill Cassidy, MD release their bicameral free marketplace healthcare plan, this past week.

This plan, “The World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan” is an alternative to ObamaCare that empowers Americans to make their own healthcare decisions without discriminatory mandates and onerous regulations. The World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan provides an affordable, predictable, competitive marketplace that will create a healthier society and a stronger economy.
Congressman Sessions began the process in 2010 when he invited doctors to Dallas, Texas to discuss healthcare reform. The principles that arose out of that meeting created the National Physicians Council for Healthcare Policy – a multi-specialty physician led group of the nation’s healthcare leaders. The NPCHCP is unilaterally focused on one issue at a time in order to achieve 100% success in finding solutions to the problems facing physicians today.

“This bill is landmark legislation because Congressman Sessions and Senator Cassidy consulted with physicians and medical professionals before they put pen to paper. These Members of Congress have shown a respect for the medical community that we as the NPCHCP feel can be leveraged to a myriad of successes. This bill is fair and it provides for choice and is a solid step towards returning healthcare back into the hands of patients and their physicians.” says Marcy Zwelling-Aamot, MD FACEP, a California internist and Co-Chair of the NPCHCP.
Under the legislation, every American citizen is eligible for a $2,500 tax benefit with an additional $1,500 per dependent child, a family of four could receive up to $8,000 to put towards their healthcare.

“This bill empowers all Americans to make their own healthcare choices, save money in an account that is not use-it-or-lose-it, and ensures that not one person will be forced onto Obamacare,” Sessions said, according to The Washington Examiner.

2 Comments on “Congressman Pete Sessions and Senator Bill Cassidy Co-sponsor the World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan”

  1. TX has good prompt pay laws & better network adequacy (with room for improvement) so the sale of insurance across state lines is not always in our best interests. There would need to be safeguards in any legislation to prevent abuse.

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