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Dear President-Elect Trump:

Congratulations on your election as President of the United States of America.   Your election has brought an optimism amongst physicians that is energizing and exciting.  We are all truly eager to work with you, your administration and Congress to reduce government size and to find the best means to assure that all Americans have access to truly affordable health care.

Established in 2014, under the leadership of Marcy Zwelling-Aamot, MD ((FACEP-goes at the end)) and John Gill, MD and facilitated by Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX), the National Physicians Council for Healthcare Policy (NPCHCP) was created to be a national voice for the physician engaged in private practice. We are a multispecialty physician group representing a majority of states.

The ACA has overspent and overwhelmed an already dysfunctional healthcare system, in effect “doubling down” on all the worst problems. Patients are forced to buy expensive inflated insurance but can’t afford their premiums, copays and deductibles. Consequently, their care is substandard, fragmented and ineffective. They aren’t able to choose their doctor, keep their old insurance or save $2,500 as they were promised in government rhetorical speeches.

Medicine has been witness to unprecedented departures from the profession. Brilliant, experienced and compassionate physicians have left the profession due to excessive intrusions, regulations, constraints and penalties set by governing bodies, insurance companies and hospitals. The council is acutely concerned about the viability of private medicine in the face of the onerous regulations and increasing physician burnout leading to early retirement and even suicide.

The council is composed of creative, intelligent and hardworking professionals.The council believes that quality affordable healthcare is nurtured in a competitive professional environment. Our patients deserve the opportunity to invest in their life and their health with a trusted professional that they choose. We envision a dignified diverse healthcare market place governed and counseled by confident productive happy professionals serving their patients. Physicians and patients deserve to make and be responsible for their own decisions.

Each year the council focuses on 2-3 very specific opportunities that will enhance productivity in private practice. With the help of Congressman Sessions the council works with legislators on legislation or works more directly with regulatory agencies in order to accomplish our goals.

Obamacare is a well documented disaster. Your election finally gives the nation’s physicians an opportunity to not just be “at the table” but to be seated at the head of the table leading the discussion.  The council believes that that failure is in large part due to the misdirected perception that insurance is the gateway to care.  It is NOT.  Insurance is an actuarial bet that should be universally available and affordable as a means of protecting the owner of the policy from financial disaster in the face of a health crisis.  Enhancing HSA’s will help put our patients in the driver’s seat and allow them to spend their money where they believe it to be the most valuable.

Undoubtedly the best healthcare starts with a strong and trusting patient-doctor relationship. The sanctity of that relationship must be at the heart of any legislation to reform our healthcare system.  The free market will control cost and healthy competition will elevate quality.

America’s physicians are more than eager to work with you to minimize the regulatory process that abuses our time and takes us away from our patients.  We desperately want to be able to get back to the work of being doctors rather than data collectors.

We are hopeful that a now cooperative Congress will create the proper legislation that works to clean up the ACA.  Our council will be meeting in Washington D.C. December 2-5 and would like to formally invite you to hear directly from treating physicians from all over the country on the broad subject ofhealthcare reform.  We are the folks who our patients trust to be able to offer our most professional expertise without conflict of interests.   The history of the council’s successes, like yours, are remarkable. We get it and we get the job) done.

Thank you for giving Americans the opportunity to take back their lives and for physicians to TAKE BACK OUR PROFESSION.


We look forward to hearing from you and sincerely hope you will join us in December.

Warm regards,

Marcy Zwelling, MD FACEP                     John Gill MD
Co Chair NPCHPC                                      Co Chair NPCHPC


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