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Dear Senator:

The opportunity to fix our broken healthcare system rests at your feet. You and your republican colleagues should look at this legislative opportunity as your moment in history to step up and do it right. It’s time you show America’s patients that you are the party of better practical ideas.

Healthcare reform is about designing a system of healthcare delivery that works to maximize access, decrease cost and minimize the regulations that obstruct America’s physicians from doing our job.

  • The Senate bill needs to practically cover more not fewer people and should offer an affordable alternative. Allow states the flexibility to create cost effective working laboratories for better care. Indiana is a great example of innovative thinking allowing for greater patient input into his or her own care by extending the utility of the HSA.
  • Allow patients to take their tax credit to the group market where costs are lower. Further, create a marketplace where insurance is portable and personal by allowing all employers (not just small employers) to purchase insurance for their employees and extend the tax credit to all employees.
  • Expanding the HSA market and getting rid of the individual mandate would also expand the choices available to patients. Allow healthy people to purchase catastrophic insurance that has real value to them and structure it so that it is easy to use in conjunction with their HSA and protect them financially. This is a winner for the GOP and your consumer-market driven platform that centers philosophically on patients owning their own lives. Creating a defined contribution plan would limit the cost to the federal government.
  • The GOP needs to make sure that Medicaid dollars are driven toward caring for the disabled, children and pregnant women as it was designed. The ACA perverted Medicaid by hurting low income states and funneling federal dollars toward non-disabled working class adults without the hoped for results of better health (Oregon Medicaid experiment). The GOP should not solve the problem by throwing more money at Medicaid but should demand states demonstrate the effective use of those dollars. Medicaid should be limited to 1) care for women & children, 2) care for the poor, and 3) long term care with stable funding based on real data, not hyperbole. This will calm opponents and quell the markets and allow the physicians to get back to patient care.

America’s health care delivery system is on the verge of collapse and the nation’s physicians are experiencing overwhelming burnout and are leaving the profession at an unprecedented rate. It’s time that the GOP get busy and author a practical workable solution that shows the country that they are the party of innovation and focus.

The GOP message must feature the idea that the GOP is the only thing standing between America adapting an expensive, authoritarian, non-democratic single payer system. The GOP must get on their horse; ride high in the saddle, and save America’s healthcare delivery system.